B&B in Tortolì, Ogliastra.
Le Stanze di Patika

The B&B Le Stanze di Patika is located a few minutes away from the center of Tortolì, a perfect location to enjoy the beauties of Ogliastra.
Here you can find wonderful beaches, breath-taking landscapes and a harsh and wild hinterland which is worth exploring. But not only that, because, if you stay in our B&B in Tortolì, you can discover a territory rich in history, ancient traditions, and exquisite typical dishes.


A short distance from Tortolì, you can admire the coast of Orrì, with its long stretches of very fine white sand interspersed with uncrowded inlets and coves. Also do not miss the water color games of Cala Moresca or the very special bay of the Rocce Rosse (Red Rocks) in nearby Arbatax. And if you are never tired of the sea, you can leave from the port of Arbatax on a trip by boat or raft towards the enchanting Cala Goloritzé, Cala Mariolu, Cala Sisine and Cala Luna.


The shape of the limestone-dolomite mountains that stretch for miles in the land of Ogliastra is similar to the heel of a shoe, and that is why they are called Tacchi d’Ogliastra (Heels of Ogliastra). A visit of the area is a must because of its wild and pristine appearance and the existence of a unique fauna and flora.
Also, do not miss the Altopiano del Golgo, where you can find the deepest gorge in Europe and traces of the Nuragic Age.


Ogliastra’s long agro-pastoral tradition finds evidence in the typical cuisine of the area, based on simple but tasteful dishes.
The “culurgiones“, ravioli filled with potato, pecorino cheese and mint are undoubtedly the best known dish of Ogliastra, but you must also taste “sa coccoi prena“, the pane pistoccu, the roasted meats, among which the famous porchetto is a must, the cheeses, the fresh cold cuts, and delicious sweets. Just sit at the table and enjoy the good cuisine of Ogliastra and the rest of Sardinia, maybe while sipping a nice glass of Cannonau.


We have selected for you a few places to visit and theme itineraries to be followed in the land of Ogliastra.
These are only proposals, at the B&B Le Stanze di Patika we are always ready to give you all the advice and information necessary to render your stay more exciting.
Read, choose the route that interests you most, and enjoy Ogliastra


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