Turn your visit to Ogliastra into something more than a simple holiday.

Following the itineraries designed for you by Patika, you will be able to discover the soul and the wonders of this land.
Get to know it deeply, experience it.
Indulge your adventurous spirit and take the Via della Pietra, the Via dei Saperi or the Via del Sole.


A mute witness of our history and undisputed protagonist of our natural landscapes, the stone is a symbol of Sardinia and of Ogliastra. For instance, the Rocce Rosse that emerge from the sea of Arbatax, the Tacchi d’Ogliastra, the rock formations of the Altopiano del Golgo, but also the nuraghi, domus de janas and the characteristic dry stone walls. The stone is a constant in the land of Ogliastra.
In accordance with the mood of the Discovery Room, the routes along the Via della Pietra will show you a completely new Island, which will reveal its mysteries and surprise you.

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Once upon a time– A trip to discover the history, nature and traditions of Ogliastra.
Wild trekking – Desire for adventure and thirst for knowledge can be met in memorable excursions with expert guides.
Having fun with Olin Hood – There is nothing better than exploring a territory with someone who knows its secrets and its most beautiful corners.


The sun is a loyal companion that guides every explorer on his or her way to discover the enchanting land of Ogliastra, a succession of breath-taking views from the rugged mountain ranges to the crystal clear waters of the sea, a pristine theater of surprising color games.
Step by step, from the Harmony Room the paths of the Via del Sole with take you to earthly paradises that cannot even be imagined.

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Ogliastra coast to coast – For those who love the sea, a route that takes you to a different beach every day.
 Routes to paradise – On a boat, in search of splendid coves and caves inaccessible on foot.
Where eagles dare to go – A full immersion in the nature of Ogliastra on an adrenaline trekking.


Traveling means learning about the culture, the art and the traditions of a place, getting to know a reality different from ours, devoting time to listen to ancient legends, visiting craft shops, admiring the works of talented artists and discovering new fragrances and flavors, living a thrilling experience capable of involving body and soul.
A route that begins at the Passion Room and continues along the Via dei Saperi, where you can experience unique sensations and get to fully appreciate the spirit of Ogliastra.

Download our guides and carry them always with you!

 Art and legends – An itinerary leading to Ulassai and to the Stazione dell’arte, custodian of Maria Lai’s artistic memory.
 Breads and frames – Folklore, traditions and food and wine during a walk among the villages of Ogliastra.
 Ogliastra express – A trip on the Trenino Verde (Little Green Train) to enjoy the marvelous landscapes of Ogliastra.