A sophisticated style that tells about us, our land and our passions.

Arazzo sardo con richiamo alla tradizione pastorale - B&B Le Stanze di Patika


Patika and Art. Hospitality and creativity. A profound and harmonious bond, born from Patrizia’s will to explain Sardinia not only through its colors, flavors and fragrances, but also thanks to the fascinating artifacts and objects made by local artists.
Every work is a testimony of Sardinian history and entails a unique story.
Observe, listen and touch with your hands.
Discover the soul of our Island.


The passion for the traditions and the craftsmanship of the island is visible in the showroom La Terra di Patika, an eclectic boutique that celebrates the innovative and original objects made in Sardinia.
In this exclusive space, thanks to an elegant and refined presentation of the works of local artists and artisans, the talent, creativity and traditions of our land are enhanced.